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Dreams Fulfilled.

In a custom home, every space is considered.
Create a space to live with intention and purpose.

Thoughtful Details
Energy Efficient
Expertly Crafted
Custom Design
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About Us

Award-Winning Homes

Warren King has built a reputation for craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Every detail is considered. Each milestone is defined with your unique vision in mind. We stick to our values; Quality, Communication, Efficiency, and Passion to move from your concept to your dream home.

Our experience is unmatched. Our roots begin with service.


Our partner, Rose Homes, is currently helping to revitalize neighborhoods throughout New Jersey by providing affordable, energy-efficient homes. This no-nonsense approach to structrual integrity and functional efficiency lays the ideal foundation for your custom home, where every space is planned with intention and purpose, every detail is considered. So you can create a space to live with intention and purpose.

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